South Kesteven District Council: Is Taboo Gentleman's Club too taboo for Grantham?

  Posted: 30.06.20 at 13:50 by The Editor

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A long-established 'gentleman's club' in Grantham faces opposition as it seeks to renew its license.

An objector has told South Kesteven District Council that the venue is not appropriate for its town centre location and it deters other businesses from setting up there.

SKDC will be considering the renewal of Taboo Gentleman's Club's Sexual Entertainment Venue License when its Licensing Committee meets on Friday.

A council report prepared for the meeting says the club at 99A Westgate has operated with the same applicant since 2012 and such license applications and renewals must be heard by the committee.

The report said the council had received one valid objection, whom the council also did not identify, from an individual who felt the location by the Market Square was not appropriate and "discourages other more reputable businesses from establishing themselves in the town."

In an email to the council, the objector argued: "The
presence of a Sex Establishment in the centre of the market square sets a tone for the entire centre of Grantham.

"Furthermore, it creates an uncomfortable night-time ambience which discourages people from spending time in the centre. This is to the detriment of other entertainment venues including bars, pubs, restaurants, and hotels.

"Grantham’s centre is a well-preserved market town with a large amount of potential for regeneration and this must be supported by creating a business environment that is friendly to small businesses such as cafes, small boutiques, etc.

"I believe that Grantham currently has an opportunity to reinvent its centre as part of the establishment of the out-of-town outlet shopping project.

"I would encourage the owner of Taboo to consider establishing the business away from the market square in a location more suitable to this type of venue. This will enable the town centre to grow and regenerate while still allowing this service to be provided."

However, Lincolnshire Police had no objections to the application to renew the licence, the council report noted.

Council officers also said refusals could only be made if there were 'mandatory' reasons like the age or residency status of the applicant.

Alternatively, councillors may use 'discretion' if the applicant was unsuitable or the number of sex establishments in the area equaled or exceeded what the council feels is appropriate considering the character of the locality.

But officers warned if they refused to renew the licence, the committee would have to write to the applicant explaining their position. They added that if the applicant then appealed, the council could incur additional legal costs.

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