'Phantom' graffiti artist causing parking chaos in Grantham with road sign vandalism

  Posted: 16.09.20 at 14:21 by The Editor

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A Grantham councillor wants to know who 'the phantom' is!

Coun Ray Wootten says a town centre street is regularly being hit by a 'phantom grafitti offender'.

Coun Wootten told Nub News: "Over the past year parking signs in East Street, Grantham, have been subjected to vandalism. They have been sprayed over with paint.

"The signs have been cleaned on two occasions and an anti graffiti coating was applied but, they continue to be defaced. This has led to the street becoming a free for all car park causing obstruction to nearby properties.

Coun Wootten, who is both a Grantham district and county councillor, added: "Taking the law into your own hands by damaging the signs is an offence of Criminal Damage.

"I will ask for the signs to be cleaned yet again and look at the possibility of covert measures being put in place .

"If you know who the offender is, please ring Lincolnshire Police on 101."

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