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About BodyZone:-
Sports Massage & Holistic Massage Therapy:
I have 20 years sports injury clinic and holistic massage experience. I have had my business since 2009.

I rent a room in The Coloroom's Hairdressers in Grantham. I offer pamper parties & on-site massage within the work place. But currently due to lockdown unable to carry out these treatments. I have been offer free advice & live FB demonstration of self massage routines - Scalp, Face & Neck. Please feel free to follow me on FB.

Treatment to meet all needs:-
Uses a variety of classic massage strokes, together with relaxation and deep tissue techniques. It works on the body's soft tissues, muscles, tendons & fascia, reducing the risk of injury & improving flexibility. Helps to remove stress, tension and aches and pains of every day life. This encourages relaxation, balance & helps to detox the body.

Treatments for:
♡Sports injuries 
♡Stress & Tension 
♡Muscular Pain
♡Head, Neck, shoulder Aches & Pains
♡Migraine & Sciatica Problems
♡Tiredness, Soreness, Stiffness
♡Circulation Problems 
♡Pre & Post events massage

For relaxation & detoxifying the body:-
♡Aromatherapy massage
♡Relaxing facial & facial pressure points
♡Scalp massage
♡Foot exfoliation & massage
♡Pamper packages

Sports Clubs/Associations /Corporate on-site employee massage rates available.


Supporting Anxiety - Improving Relaxation & Wellbeing:-

I have been reading alot on social media of how people are suffering with anxiety, stress & finding it hard to relax & sleep. I really want to help if I can so thought I would start this support group.

I also suffer with anxiety & has been bad at times over the yrs but was under control. With COVID-19 it has increased.

I set up this group & share some of the things that help me. I also use my skills, work & techniques such as:-
☆breathing technique
☆self massage routines
☆helpful tips for improving relaxation & promote better sleep
☆aromatherapy blends
☆And much more

I just want to help others & this is all free & I also offer one on one advice.

Really hope this helps

Many thanks Emma 💚🦋🌈

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