Coronavirus crisis: Robert Holland Funeral Directors issues guidance for services at Grantham Crematorium

  Posted: 25.03.20 at 11:19 by The Editor

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Restrictions have been announced for those going to Grantham Crematorium.

Robert Holland Funeral Directors has posted on social media the latest guidelines, in account of government advice, and its impact on services at Grantham Crematorium.

The post said: "In considering reducing the transmission of the Coronavirus through gatherings at funeral services in chapels they must consider limiting attendees to members of the immediate family who are not in any of the high-risk categories and are not self-isolating.

"Currently, Grantham Crematorium is allowing only ten people to be seated in the chapel. Other mourners may attend but they must stand outside and observe social distancing guidelines (ie. stand at least 2m apart)

"The immediate family being:
 Spouse/Partner
 Parents/carers
 Brothers/Sisters
 Children (and partners)

"Limiting attendees must be done sensitively and taking into account individual circumstances. For example, if the deceased had few, if any immediate, relatives but a close friend wished to attend the service, that would be reasonable or in the case of the death of a grandparent, attendance by the grandchildren would be appropriate.

"It is important that funeral directors and cemetery and crematorium staff work closely, supporting each other to deliver as far as is possible in these difficult times a meaningful opportunity for the bereaved to say goodbye, whilst endeavouring to protect all those involved.

"Updating the guidance in this manner provides a proportionate response to the changing situation, with Burial and Cremation Authorities, funeral directors and the bereaved receiving greater clarity.

"In this fast moving situation, it may be necessary to update this advice in the coming days. As soon as the Government issues further advice we will inform you of any new requirements."

The post added: "If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us."

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